You should be passionate about your brand. It is the heart of everything.

I am a brand strategist and designer with IM Design Group. My passion is to help companies and communities discover their brand and connect with their customers. I view branding as a process of discovering who you are as a company and who your customers are, and then building strategies to move your brand forward.
My Approach
Your brand is much more than a logo or a slogan. It is the total of everything your audience sees, hears and experiences about your business. Your brand is the true north of who you are as a company. Discovering your brand allows you to find the right audience, take a distinct position in your marketplace and connect with customers in a way that will affect your bottom line.
With my process, I build the roadmap to your ideal brand. This roadmap should drive every branding decision, from your company’s voice and tone on social media, to your business's logo and visual identity, to how your employees should interact with your customers. I will discover who you are, what makes you different, who needs to know about you and how we need to get your message to them.
What I Do
Brand Audit & Research — Brand Strategy & Positioning — Name Storming — Brand Voice & Messaging — Brand Guidelines — Visual Identity Design — Taglines & Copywriting — Creative Consulting — Print Collateral — Packaging Design
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